Saturday, 12 October 2013


people say 'like father-like daughter'. like her father- like Malala. but let me clarify that I myself have been a victim of Swat terrorism, because we lived there. our school was blasted. i still rem the conditions how mentally i felt disturbed with everything. i think that i would have literally fainted if i had ever happened to face militants one-on-one. 
and i was really inspired with the courage of this girl who just came out and told girls to continue their education. you people know nothing. you people live in big cities,
and know very little about militancy  i would have agreed to your points here if you guys had even dared to face those TORTURING moments. and her father? what to tell of her father? when there was a war situation in Swat, the Grid station of Mingora was being blasted. and there was like no light for TWO MONTHS (including Ramzan) Mind you, two months are not two days. Her father, who was unknown in the media at that time, and though he was not much resourceful, provided electricity by buying a big generator and provided water to the people.
and i won't talk about the rest, but she was a really brave girl, because i know and i have faced that situation, you people haven't. so please, if you people can't tolerate some good words in her case, at least stop talking ill of her, or abusing. after all she is a girl, a respectable girl.
we all Pakistanis are too good at criticizing and making judgements at others. I even saw someone telling that she belongs to Finland. and her real name is Jane hahahaha. 
guys, let's get over it. why don't we, in person, take some steps for the betterment of this country? we are the youth, the cream of this country. let's get united, forgetting this is responsibility of govt. etc. let's work hard, and be honest! let's pray for our country, for those thousands of people who are killed by drone attacks, bomb blasts, target killing, everyday. 
A sincere message
Regards, Fari.

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  1. really the ice breaker, someone who knows what it has been for the people and especially the female folks of Swat. Everyone trying to paint it according to their own angle, to justify their own thoughts and obsessions. Malala a courageous daughter of a courageous father at least gave the notion that you can voice opinion even life is at stake and fear hovers greater than the hope.